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They hack into Jon Prosser’s YouTube channel and rename it ‚NASA‘.

More YouTube users were again tricked into sending Bitcoin after hacking into several important verified accounts and posting „free gift“ videos.

According to an August 5 tweet from Jon Prosser, his YouTube channel called Front Page Tech, which has 262,000 subscribers, was hacked by criminals who changed the name to „NASA [news]“ and began streaming a fake Bitcoin (BTC) video with Elon Musk of SpaceX.

„The hackers have made $4,000 in Bitcoin so far,“ Prosser said. „YouTube tells me I have to fill out a form and wait ‚a few weeks‘.

Seven years of videos belonging to Front Page Tech were erased by the scammers. YouTube pulled the channel about two hours after Prosser discovered what was going on, and it is still offline.

Crypto-scammers are on the prowl as YouTube and Twitter become the center of Bitcoin’s scams.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) completely bypassed

Crypto scammers have been attacking YouTube channels for months, posing as high-profile figures such as Musk, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Both Garlinghouse and Wozniak filed separate lawsuits against the platform.

However, Prosser’s case is troubling, as he reported that hackers used a SIM exchange attack to gain access to his channel using his two-factor authentication (2FA).

More than 1,000 people could access Twitter’s „God mode
The failure comes just one day after Scott Melker, aka ‚The Wolf of All Streets‘, advised the crypto community to „never use SMS verification as part of your 2FA“, but rather an authentication application from a device that is kept offline.

Was it a coordinated attack?

The Prosser channel was not the only target this week.

Rod Breslau, game consultant for Sony Music Entertainment, reported on August 3 that other channels were streaming similar SpaceX videos offering BTC gifts.

Twitter promises additional security measures
Talyta Rocha, ‚influencing‘ with 155,000 subscribers, was also one of the victims. A channel with 295,000 subscribers was authorized to broadcast an Ethereum (ETH) video scam for more than an hour at the time of writing.

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