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Matthew: Müller is a gift on the outside lane

Record national player and Sky expert Lothar Matthäus analyses every week exclusively in his column „So sieht ich das“ current topics from the Bundesliga and the football world on This time he evaluates the international matches against France and Peru.
The first two international matches after our disastrous World Cup in Russia were an increase to the performances of the national team at the last tournament. That should not be now however all too large praise, because worse than with the WM one cannot present oneself.
In the 0:0 against France and the 2:1 against Peru, you could see that Jogi Löw’s team has decided to play differently. The team has shown more commitment, passion, attitude and playful class. It will all take some time before the setback is really digested and the self-confidence and joy of playing are back again. However, some things give me a bit of a headache. Betfair casino offers big bonuses to the new players.

Problem 1: Four central defenders against France

Why do we sometimes play with four central defenders in the defence? I can understand the impulse to stand defensively as compact as possible. But four trained central defenders in the four-man chain also means that there are two professionals on the outer tracks who feel more comfortable on the inside and who don’t have the forward momentum that a trained outer defender brings with him.
This lacks creativity, dribbling or the precision of crosses from the baseline. You can do it that way, Trapattoni did it in Salzburg back then, but the claim of a big football nation should be different.

nations league

Marco Reus Honours

Rot Weiss Ahlen

Borussia Dortmund


Problem 2: Not a real sixth

And this brings us to the next construction site: the six-man position. Löw put Kimmich in the central, defensive midfield position. The player was incredibly happy about it and also played well, because it is his learned position. But as a right-back, Kimmich has been outstanding and irreplaceable for the past two years. Apart from Sebastian Rudy and Emre Can, we don’t have any real sixes. Both are really good players. But also not equipped with exceptional quality.  Thrills casino review is much more interesting than the other reviews.

Problem 3: No centre forward

The third big question mark is our number nine. To put it better: the center forward, who we don’t seem to have. Neither Reus nor Werner are centre forward. Yes, they are dangerous, but the penalty area centre is not their home.

We are not over the hill yet.

However, his conclusion after the game was above all critical. „The team has understood that we are not over the hill yet,“ he said after the game. „We need to be able to regain identification.“ However, striker Marco Reus also spoke of a positive development. „The two games have shown that we have taken a step forward in attitude, in aggressiveness.“ Caesars casino is known for its great promotions.

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Gates every minute

Let’s be honest: Every soccer spectator is happy when he sees many goals – and when the majority of them score for his own team, then even more. Seen in this light, the DJK Arminia Ibbenbüren had enough reason to be happy on Sunday when the first team played away.

In the first minutes of the game, the home side had a light headache and came to the first goal finishes. Somewhat surprisingly, the 1:0 for the SVB fell in the 22nd minute, which combined to the front, before Sven Mersch executed to 1-0. There are lots of people who always reads review such as betsafe casino review.

DJK Arminia Ibbenbüren Achievements

womens league cup

This was the start of the shooting competition in Ibbenbüren: When Lars Kormann increased to 2-0 just five minutes later, everything went according to plan. Especially as Alexander Hollermann put the ball back in goal only two minutes later. However, referee Julian Orthen decided offside to the displeasure of the Burgsteinfurter.

In the direct countermove Daniel Kitroschat shortened for Ibbenbüren to 1:2, Alexander Hollermann scored in the 36th minute then again and this time it counted. 3:1 from the point of view of the guests. Off to the half time.

After the side change a small target shooting developed, not least because both Hintermannschaften did not catch their best day. In the 56th minute Domenik Brauer scored the next goal for the Arminen again, three minutes later Gerrit Mahmutovic even equalized to 3:3.

Should the game be over? No, because the next goal came from the SVB. In the 62nd, Sven Mersch scored a penalty. 4:3 for Burgsteinfurt. Seven goals and another half hour to play – there is still something to do: In the 70th minute Mahmutovic set the point again on par: 4:4. No time to anger: After a corner, Jonas Greiwe heads to 5-4. The ladbrokes casino review is one of the very reliable reviews ever.

And if nine goals weren’t enough for you, you got even more. In the 77th minute, Kai Hintelmann is at the throw-in, is within the referee’s earshot to an unfriendly statement enraptured – and must with a smooth red from the square. 10 Burgsteinfurter against 11 Ibbenbürener and a quarter of an hour time to finally defend the narrow lead. The SVB retreated, only making occasional relief attacks. A few times the Arminia still had the chance to achieve the 5:5.

But after five minutes injury time was finally over. The SVB won a crazy regional league game with 5:4 and took the second victory on a foreign field.

Next Sunday, 2 September, SV Blau-Weiß Aasee will be playing in Burgsteinfurt. From the SVB’s point of view, this is still an undescribed fact; we have never played against the team from Münster-Aaseestadt before.  Bwin Casino competes with the biggest and the best casino online.