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Gommersdorf keeps a clean slate

Soccer The VfR Gommersdorf is still undefeated and without conceding a goal in the Landesliga Odenwald. In the match against the guests of Türkspor Mosbach it was at the end quite clearly 6:0 (2:0).

Further unbeaten and without Gegentor presents itself the VfR Gommersdorf in the national league Odenwald at present. In the game against the guests of Türkspor Mosbach it stood to the end quite clearly 6:0 (2:0).

The guests from Mosbach with coach Erol Arslan held in the first run spielerisch and combative well against it and arranged the meeting mostly balanced. Gommersdorf was more difficult in the gears and had to do with the guests all hands full. In the 20th minute Max Schmidt had the first shot, but TS Schlussmann Gomez clarified safely. After a free-kick by Tobias Scheifler, Uwe Walter missed the lead by a narrow margin.

With a double shot before half time, Gommersdorf clarified the situation on the pitch within two minutes. Max Schmidt scored after Scheifler’s presentation to 1-0 (43.) and 60 seconds later Jakob Hespelt turned Dominik Feger’s preparatory work into a 2-0 break lead. Red stag casino review is very helpful in various ways.

VfR Gommersdorf

Mosbach could not keep up in the second half

After the restart, referee Hofheinz showed an indirect free-kick for the home team after a return pass to goalkeeper Gomez. Scheifler’s attempt landed in the wall and was subsequently resolved. After 55 minutes Uslu from 16 meters had a goal opportunity for Mosbach, but VfR goalkeeper Nico Bayha was on the spot and clarified the shot attempt. Sürücü headed the following corner ball a little too exactly and the crossbar prevented the connecting goal for the guests. The running work of the Mosbacher cost a lot of strength and in this phase the VfR used an attack to 3-0. Hespelt was divided over the left side and flanked accurately on Max Schmidt (62.), who finished safely by head. High 5 Casino features the largest collection of authentic slots. The leovegas casino review is all about its terms, promotions, payments and of course bonuses.

Five minutes later the substitute Markus Gärtner increased to 4:0, after he switched in the penalty area fastest and pushed in. The resistance of the guests was now finally gone and Markus Gärtner scored in minutes 86th and 87th a flawless hat trick to 6-0 final score. The Mosbacher eleven sold itself in the first run very respectably, could however in the second half no longer follow the speed of the Gommersdorfer. The Spvgg Neckarelz also has a white record, but in contrast to Gommersdorf (23:0) it has the worse goal ratio (18:1). eb

VfR Gommersdorf: Bayha, Mütsch Gabriel, Herrmann, Schmidt Max (82.Reuther), Feger (63.Gärtner), Hespelt, Beck, Walter (81.Geissler), Mütsch Patrick, Schmidt Felix (76.Stöckel), Scheifler.

TS Mosbach: Gomez, Artun, Öztürk, Türkyilmaz (70.Saljic), Sürücü, Heck (75.Olgun), Bakacak, Springer, Artun H., Üzümcü, Zeybek (75.Altinyaldiz)

Referee: Philipp Hofheinz (Niefern-Öschelbronn).  The betvictor casino review has a very detailed reviews of what the site is offering.